How to Read the Label

On every Filippo Berio product label is a series of information designed to help consumers like you make well informed choices about the foods they purchase.

Learn more about the indications on every bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by clicking on the buttons below.
Name of product by law
Extra virgin olive oils must undergo strict tests to be classified as such
Product origin
The origin of the olives used to make the oil, this information is required by European regulation and law
Storage information
The best way to store the product in order to maintain unaltered its unique quality and flavour
Best before
The period of time in which the product is guaranteed to maintain original flavour and properties, the date is usually indicated as month/year or day/month/year
Short for European Article Number, this 13 digit product identification code is used on all globally traded goods: the first 9 digits refer to the product manufacturer, the following 3 digits refer to the specific item or product code – and the last digit is a checksum number used to confirm that the code has been generated properly
Indications for use
Suggestions on how to best use the olive oil, indications may vary depending on the flavour and type of oil
Nutritional values
A breakdown of the dietary contents and properties of the oil, per 100ml
Net quantity
The net amount of olive oil in the bottle (liters or milliliters)
Packing information
The address of the company responsible for packing and bottling the product
Production code
A special number that links the product to its originating production batch


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