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Barbecue recipes

A selection of delicious summer barbecue recipes – from tasty marinades and potatoes, to mouth-watering fish and meat dishes – along with helpful tips and hints for choosing and using our olive oil.
Bring the taste of Italy to your summer barbecue with these fun recipes! Buon Appetito!


Winter recipes

Winter is a time for hearty, comforting food to lift our spirits and warm us up. This winter, fill your home with the aroma of Italian inspired good home cooking made with simple, healthy seasonal ingredients.Check out our selection of delicious recipes that have been carefully prepared to satisfy your taste buds, your appetite and your well-being.



This recipe booklet is filled with delightful regional dishes, brought to you by Filippo Berio in partnership with Cirio, and has been carefully prepared to offer you a mouth-watering introduction to some delicious traditional recipes of southern Italy.



Combining healthy, wholesome, home cooked meals with a busy lifestyle can be a real challenge.
After a hard day, the prospect of spending hours in the kitchen isn’t one that appeals to many of us. So, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rustle up fantastic, speedy meals during the week? With this recipebooklet, featuring a variety of quick, authentic Italian recipes, you can do just that!


Pesto Recipes

Pesto takes its name from the Italian verb, ‘to pound’ – pestare – a reference to the manner in which it was traditionally made by crushing fresh Ligurian basil. It is this time honoured technique, used to release the basil’s essence, which gives Pesto its characteristic intensity of flavour. Through a series of fabulously quick and tasty Italian inspired recipes, this booklet will show you how to make the most of these classic Italian sauces. Made to truly authentic, delicious Italian recipes – you can taste the difference in every jar!



Italian cooking has long been one of the UK’s best-loved cuisines. This enduring popularity is probably best accounted for not only because of how it tastes but also because of its remarkable simplicity and endless versatility. The following selection of delicious recipes, brought to you by Filippo Berio in partnership with Cirio, has been carefully prepared to offer you a simple, easy-to-follow guide to some of the absolute classics of Italian cookery.



Italians have long been using olive oil to bake delicious breads and to make tantalising desserts and cakes but now, with the ever-increasing interest in Mediterranean cookery and the many associated health benefits, using olive oil in baking is rapidly becoming very popular over here as well. Through a series of delicious baking recipes, this booklet has been specially designed to show you how to make even more from this wonderfully versatile ingredient. We hope you enjoy the mouthwatering recipes on the following pages!



The summer is such an exciting time for preparing delicious recipes that are packed with wonderful fresh ingredients. In the shops, there are masses of fantastic fruits and salads, herbs and spices and so much more to choose from.



Potatoes are an invaluable, flexible and convenient ingredient for a very wide range of dishes from soups and starters, light meals, main courses and side dishes. These recipes are all easy to prepare and delicious to eat. They use a range of different types of potato and of course, Filippo Berio Olive Oils.
Filippo Berio, Britain’s favourite Olive Oil brings you a selection of delicious recipes that have been carefully prepared to satisfy your taste buds, your appetite and your well-being.



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