| Filippo Berio
Olive Oils
from Around
the World
Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the world – its seemingly endless olive groves account for nearly half of the world’s production. After Spain, Greece and Italy are tied for second place, followed by Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, the rest of North Africa, Portugal and France. Olive Oil is also produced in the southern hemisphere, particularly in Argentina and in Australia.
Most Olive Oils in supermarkets are blends from different producing countries, and labelled with the town or country in which the oil was ‘packed in’.

Blending oils from other countries is how some brands get their unique flavor, and it is the only way in which larger producers are able keep their prices low.

Instead, Olive Oils from specific countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece, must contain at certain percentage of oil from the specified country to be labelled as such. When choosing an Olive Oil, it is important to note these factors while considering the reputation of the brand, as well as the flavour and quality of the oil.


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